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Andrey Korolchuk


Andrey Korolchuk was born in Leningrad on November, 6, 1961.

Studied at the Leningrad city art school (teachers: G.N.Antonov, V.E.Rjabova). From 1979 to 1982 - the student of art - graphic faculty of the Herzen state pedagogical institute of Leningrad (teachers: L.G.Krivitsky, V.P.Sakovich).
In 1987 has graduate from the Academy of Fine Arts (St. Petersburg) and was awarded by the bronze medal of the Academy of Fine Arts "For the best degree work"(teachers: V.A.Vetrogonsky, M.M.Gerasimov, A.A.Pahomov, O.J.Jahnin).
Since 1992 occupations and exhibitions together with artists of group of Sterligov (E.Aleksandrova, L.Astrejn, M.Tserush, etc.). In 1995 it is awarded with the State grant of the president of the Russian Federation.
Since 1999 busy in decorating of books.

The Associate Professor of Chair of Drawing of the Herzen state pedagogical university of Russia, Honourable worker of higher education of the Russian Federation, a member of the Union of Artists, vice-president of the St.-Petersburg society of aquarellists.

The participant of more than 400 exhibitions in Russia and abroad.

The artist is the winner of creative competitions, including international.

Works of the artist are in collections of the Research museums of the State Russian Museum, of the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts,  of the Russian Academy of Arts, the Central Museum of Communication by A.S.Popov, of the State Museum-reserve «Peterhof», of the Hermitage - Vyborg Exhibition Center, of the State Museum Мaydaneck (Poland), of the Herzen state pedagogical university of Russia, of the Municipal school of the creative developments (Gatchina), of the Municipal museum of Penkun (Germany), of the Municipal museum of Blankenzee (Germany), University of Northern Iowa (USA), Municipal museum Malchin (Germany), the Museum of Queen Louise in Hohenzieritz (Germany), State historical and architectural Museum "Ostrovgrad Sviyazhsk" (Republic of Tatarstan), Dukhovshchinsky district Museum of history and art (Russia), Kizhi State Open-Air Museum of History, Architecture and Ethnography (Russia), Kurgan regional art Museum (Russia), Jining University Qufu (China), Museo Nacional de la Acuarela Alfredo Guati Rojo and also in private collections of Russia, Canada, the USA, Finland, Sweden, Germany, Norway, Austria, Denmark, France, Mexico and other countries.

Personal exhibitions

  1. The house of cinema (Korolchuk, Parygin) – 1991, St.-Petersburg, Russia
  2. The state Russian museum, the Lecture hall (Korolchuk, Parygin) – 1991, St.-Petersburg, Russia
  3. The Jazz philarmonic hall (Korolchuk, Parygin) – 1993, St.-Petersburg, Russia
  4. General consulate PNR (Korolchuk, Parygin) – 1993, St.-Petersburg, Russia
  5. The Jazz philarmonic hall (Korolchuk, Parygin) – 1994, St.-Petersburg, Russia
  6. The Union of Artists – 1995, St.-Petersburg, Russia
  7. The Union of Artists – 1996, St.-Petersburg, Russia
  8. Ecole polytecnique – 1997, Paris, France
  9. The cultural center – 1997, Apinal, France
  10. The cultural center – 1997, Schloss-Holte, Germany
  11. The international center of business cooperation (Korolchuk, Maslov) – 1997, St.-Petersburg, Russia
  12. Municipal school of creative development – 1999, Gatchina, Russia
  13. Benua's house – 1999, St.-Petersburg, Russia
  14. Gallery Tretjakova – 2004, St.-Petersburg, Russia
  15. Gallery Roswuzdezign – 2004, St.-Petersburg, Russia
  16. Hearst center for The Art – 2005, Cedar Falls, Iowa, USA
  17. UNI Gallery of Art – 2005, Cedar Falls, Iowa, USA
  18. Gallery of Church St. Johannis (Wasiliew, Korolchuk) – 2007, Malchin, Germany
  19. The Museum of Queen Louise (Wasiliew, Korolchuk) – 2007, Hohenzieritz, Germany
  20. Cent of the Congresses Marconi (Cruciata, Korolchuk) – 2007, Alcamo, Italy
  21. Children's school of arts – 2007, set. Siverskiy, Leningrad region, Russia
  22. A showroom of the Moscow area – 2008, St.-Petersburg, Russia
  23. Library of the legal and economic information – 2008, St.-Petersburg, Russia
  24. Hotel "Raivola" – 2009, settlement Roshchino, Russia
  25. Municipal school №8 – 2010, Gatchina, Russia
  26. ART.object Gallery – 2011, St.-Petersburg, Russia
  27. Solo exposition, the annual exhibition "The Petersburg 2011" Central Exhibition Hall "Manege" – 2012, St. Petersburg, Russia
  28. "Watercolor Duet" (Vasiliev, Korolchuk) Russian Cultural Center – 2012, Budapest, Hungary
  29. "Painting - it's poetry" by Vladimir Nabokov Museum – 2012, St. Petersburg, Russia
  30. "The color territory" the Novgorod center of the modern art – 2013, Veliky Novgorod, Russia
  31. "War and peace" Center of information technologies (Exhibition and lecture cultural center) – 2014, Gatchina, Russia
  32. "Letters of war" the Academy of Fine Arts – 2015, St.-Petersburg, Russia
  33. "Letters of war" gallery Matisse club – 2015, St.-Petersburg, Russia
  34. "Andrey Korolchuk. 50 water colors" Children's art school – 2016, Petrozavodsk, Russia
  35. "Letters of war" gallery gallery of I. I. Betsky – 2016, St.-Petersburg, Russia
  36. "Attraction of color". Showroom of art school of M. K. Anikushin – 2016, Kronstadt, Russia
  37. "Kronstadt. War. Blockade". The sea museum – 2017, Kronstadt, Russia
  38. "Exhibition on a birthday". The Anichkov Palace – 2017, St. Petersburg, Russia
  39. "Andrey Korolchuk. Reality alternative". Showroom of Moskovsky district – 2017, St. Petersburg, Russia
  40. "Light brush stroke." Dukhovshchinsky District Museum of History and Art - 2018, Dukhovshchina, Russia
  41. "After the rain". Doc-Art. Avangard Gallery - 2021, St. Petersburg, Russia
  42. "Letters of War". Central City Children's Library named after A. S. Pushkin - 2021, St. Petersburg, Russia
  43. "Eternal student". Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia - 2021, Saint Petersburg, Russia
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